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Shaping our future

This two year project funded by the Health lottery under their HealthPromote campaign addressed the issues that affected local residents including social isolation, confidence building, leisure opportunities, and addressing skill shortages.

The last couple of months were spent preparing the groups to focus on what they can do next after the project comes to an end. Shaping Our Future has been a project developed and delivered by local people for local people. The project has been shaped by the local residents who have been continually coming forward with ideas and suggestions. These ideas continue to develop. The confidence in many of the users has grown as they work with each other to continue running their groups. Those that have taken part in the food hygiene courses have helped to support the café and are keen to see the café develop further with suggestions of opening weekend sessions to encourage others to get involved. As we approached the end of the project meetings highlighted the desire to carry on and ways in which this could be done. The groups have discussed how they will support their activities with fund raising ideas and networking to enable their groups to continue. They are also looking forward to expanding their activities into a new community space that is currently being developed.

Enfield Women's Centre

Vicki Scarlett House

31A Derby Road
Enfield EN3 4AJ

020 8443 1902 / 020 8351 9128


Wed 13th Universal Credit talk 10.00 – 11.30
Thurs 14th Freedom Programme on Domestic Abuse First of 12 weeks - 12.15 start
Wed 27th Confidence Building course starts First of 8 weeks ½ term off – 10.00 start
Thurs 28th Assertive Communication Skills course starts First of 8 weeks ½ term off – 10.00 start
Fri 13th Relaxation Methods Workshop with IAPT 10.30 – 12.00
23rd – 27th Half term activities for kids – contact office for details. 

Sat 18th Women in Public life My Journey into Politics 
 Hear from women politicians as part of Parliament Week UK.

Wed 22nd Confidence Building final session  
Thurs 23rd Assertive Communication Skills final session  

Wed 6th White Ribbon Vigil 10.30 – 12.30
Thurs 7th Freedom Programme Final session  
Wed 13th Christmas Coffee Morning 11.00 – 13.00